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1 year ago | 26 notes

Casting call for “Will You Still Love Me When I’m Fuzzy?”

I’ve just been accepted to the Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project’s Filmmaker training program and am getting ready to start pre-production for my third film! This semi-autobiographical short film is about a cis woman coming to terms with the news that her trans boyfriend is going to start taking hormones. Though initially she does not handle the news very well, she ultimately realizes that her love for her partner vastly outweighs her fear of what the future holds.

This scene is from a longer film I hope to eventually shoot about about a young mixed queer woman navigating the unspoken rules of nonprofit culture and growing in her relationship with her partner, a young trans man navigating transphobia in the university. I chose to shoot this segment of the film for QWOCMAP because of its potential as tool for teaching cis folks that we are not the center of the universe. And also because I think there need to be more open/honest dialogues about how we navigate power and privilege in interracial and queer/trans relationships.

I am looking for queer and trans actors in their twenties to fill the following roles:

Naima is a mixed-race woman with naturally big, curly hair. She loves Theo and tries to support him the best she can, but when Theo tells her he’s going to start taking hormones, she panics. She is fearful of the prejudice he will face, and how it may shape their life together.

Theo is femme trans guy (any race). He loves his partner, Naima, and when he “comes out” about starting hormones, he’s surprised by how upset she gets and begins to worry that transitioning might test the strength of their relationship.

Ray can be of any gender or race. Ray is the best friend that calls Naima out on her selfishness, which helps Naima see she was in the wrong and make amends with Theo.

I’ll be shooting this spring in Oakland. If you’re interested or have questions, please hit me up at NMKCasting@gmail.com.


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